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....but i did think this was going to be a real website about mountains at first and i'm a little disappointed.....

Like Tez_Morena said, it is real, and it even works most of the time! Sometimes it thinks I'm somewhere else entirely.

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Got a free alternate downloaded and gonna test it out on the local hills 😎

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Why did you do me like this, I was genuinely excited for this app lmao.

—just saw one peak is named simply “Jonathan Yaniv.” I can forgive my disappointment because that has me cackling.

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Listen, nobody's gonna climb Mt. Yaniv anytime soon.

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Lol, ew. But true, women even women a lawsuit saying they didn't have to go mountaineering on that thing.

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Climbed them all in about a day. That was one hell of an expedition.

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I feel bamboozled lol. NOT disappointed, just bamboozled hahaha

This was great! Saving it :)

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Any tips on how to get my social circle to climb any of these mountains?

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Did you make this? It's so beautiful, I could cry.

I edited a screenshot from the actual app that I found online. I replaced the mountain names.

It's a beaut' ! Laughing my ass off..😂 and I so needed this right now! Thank you😀

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I must’ve missed the “women’s library attacked for carrying feminist books”... what happened?

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It was a little while ago, here are some of the pics of the graffiti: https://ovarit.com/o/TerfIsASlur/16728/2017-vancouver-women-s-library-was-attacked-for-having-books-transgenderist-ideo

They also disrupted an event and tore stuff up inside.

There was a list of books they didn't want them to carry somewhere, it was pretty brazen.

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