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Fun fact: the first time I heard this term this is actually what I thought it meant lol! I was like "wow, people have finally caught on to this trend enough that there's a term for it? Ohhh, wait, nooo...."

When you realise trans"misogyny" means not beliving trans"women" are women, you start to see the things as they are; total bullshit.

Trans anything means fake to me now. It’s like how Clayton’s became shorthand for a fake version of something after the ads for “the drink I have when I’m not having a drink”.

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But it also means "across", like the trans canada railroad or trans atlantic route, etc. I also see it all the time as a short form for "translation".

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That's how I've always interpreted it and will continue to do so.

Trans Misogyny = Trans women/men who hate women.

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Yeah that's more or less what it would mean. Misotransigny would be what they meant, I believe.