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i appreciate the way you made your point but oof, by the end of this I was feeling depressed about that poor lion.

my thoughts exactly, the tears in its eyes in the 8th square broke my heart a bit.

This was great! Thank you for sharing.

That poor kitty. Imagine being misgendered like that.

Those bloody stitches! 😳

The poor lion.

What an ahole. And look how much trouble he went to, instead of just getting a lioness.

It’s so silly when it’s animals, but somehow it’s fine when it’s human children.

I really loved the line drawings, by the way! Especially the conductor’s hat and skeptical elbows of the sane one.

I take issue with this for one reason: you called it shitty, and it is not. Freaking A.

This made me fully cackle out loud and also made me sort of desperately achingly sad, which... yep! Kudos for somehow creating such wonderfully expressive faceless stick figure people. Loved all the little details. Thank you for sharing.

That poor lion lmao. But I use this comparison unironically all the time. I ask people if they think their male pet dog stopped being male when they got him neutered. We give animals more dignity than humans...

Oh absolutely! It is often also said "adopt! Don't buy animal from breeders!" And puppies get a couple of weeks with mom before being adopted. More ethical than surrogacy

Oh, I meant more that -- we know that a male dog is still male even if we neuter it. Yet when a human male chops his balls off, suddenly he feels entitled to say he is part woman or no longer male. The whole "sex is a spectrum" thing. Nobody would say a neutered male dog is somehow less of a male dog lol.

Yes, the surrogacy thing is crazy to me too. You can't adopt a kitten under 2 months, which in human time is a lot more than 2 months. But surrogates have to give up the infant immediately. Surrogacy really makes me uncomfortable.

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