The framing of "I need to be in a loving relationship before I want sex with someone" as part of the asexual spectrum (honesty wtf?) is ridiculous.

Who exactly is setting up "I always want to shag everyone" as the standard in society? The straight queers? Incels?

Not to mention that I don't understand the need to publicise anything about your preferences - especially if in a long term committed relationship. I'm bi. I'm also married. I feel no desire or need to discuss/announce my bisexuality, because it means nothing unless I'm dating.

Everyone is so desperate to be seen as interesting and be talked about on social media. It's tragic.

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I'm bi and been in a relationship with a man for a very long time, I can assure you the number of times my sexuality was relevant in social events was closer to 0 than 10.

Clearly, you missed a lot of opportunities to loudly self-identify as LGBTQWERTY+ in social settings for attention.