They say “come out” like their made-up BS has any legal or social ramifications. All that happens is people don’t want to know about their sex lives, or lack of. NOBODY IS INTERESTED.

Right? How many family members will cut off contact?

How many night will they sleep on the street after being kicked out?

How many punches or slaps will they take from a homophobic parent?

How many friends will they lose?

Will they have to avoid showing their SO affection in public for fear of being attacked?

How many wills will they be cut out of?

How many family businesses will they be removed from?

How will they ever have children in the future and will their kids friends make fun of them fir their same sex parents?

How many times will they be called a pervert? Or a pedo?

These people are absolutely UNBEARABLE. Being lesbian or gay is NOT a trendy new pair of shoes. These are the most uncaring, unsympathetic fuckwits I’ve ever come across.

Can you even imagine the "coming out" conversation:

-DemiSexual: "Hey Mom. I only want to fuck my husband!"

-Mom: "That's....nice"

-DemiSexual: "and that makes me a queer LGBTQAIIWTF!"

-Mom: "....are you having a stroke, sweetheart?"

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EXACTLY. The rebranding of an aspect of emotional maturity as some sort of supposedly tiny aspect of supposedly-out-there-super-specialness drives me up the wall.

"Demisexual" = I understand that people entering sexual relationships are not just bodies rubbing against each other, but they also have inner lives! And I understand that relationships are, well, relational! But hey... Let me phrase this insight in narcissistic terms, so I can pretend that a large part of society are villains.

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How many family members will cut off contact?

After they find out that she only has sexual relationships with people of the opposite sex after a friendship or deep emotional connection is formed? Probably all of them! I wouldn't want MY children around that filth.

Immediately reminded of Miss Edie in ... maybe it's Female Trouble? John Waters movie. Where she refuses to accept her hairdresser nephew's heterosexuality and is constantly trying to set him up with men. "I worry about you in that lifestyle. Marriage. Children. grimace"

Great minds! I almost posted on insta the same type of message. When you're parents repeatedly tell you you're a danger to the gene pool and you father suggests hanging as the solution, when you lose your entire 1)church, 2) school, 3)other friend circle again and again when you come out, when you go to clubs in a pack for your very safety and when you don't show the rainbow on your car so you aren't hassled by the police, then you've earned the right to ask that question. Christ this pisses me off. At the same time bog standard straight people are invading everything the LGB has, the younger generation's tolerance for us has plummeted. Have you noticed the slurs when someone experiences real transphobia? They are all gay or lesbian slurs. Joe public is an idiot and can't tell the difference, which makes me think that public as been dying for a reason to stomp on us again.

hey are all gay or lesbian slurs. Joe public is an idiot and can't tell the difference, which makes me think that public as been dying for a reason to stomp on us again.

Exactly. I feel like I'm being dragged down with this idiocy by virtue of being GNC. People think GNC people are transgender now and act all weird around me. I'm so tired of this entire thing.

All of this because we won gay marriage? Why are people so irrational over something so completely harmless? Gay people as a group have harmed no one, yet we're continuously hated for existing as we are. There aren't even enough of us to be a real threat to anything.

hijackers, the whole lot of them. they are making honest social movements lose credibility since all this nonsense started and each time it gets faster.