This “queer” identity is the most boringly average, normal way of being a straight woman I’ve ever heard of, and I should know because I pretty much fit into this category myself.

"i've recently discovered i'm not a sex-addict who uses people as fuck dolls" WOW what a shocking and weird "NeW sEcHuSUAlItY". I'm so tired of those posers.

...what would even be the point of this?When lgb ppl come out it can cause a huge change in their life, they dont do it for attention

Ugh. Demisexuals are the worst. It's called having standards and self-respect. You aren't special for that and you certainly aren't oppressed, so there's no reason to stay "in the closet."

They appropriate our struggles like being gay is a fun costume or something. It's so offensive and dehumanizing. I swear to god we aren't even people to them.

I have a terrible case of secondhand embarrassment right now.

I hereby propose that LGBTQIA be split into LGB and TQA.

LGB is for orientations, and TQA is for gender identification. It should be obvious which one deserves recognition, and which one is artificial. Also, the A stands for autogynephile instead of asexual. The I for intersex is dropped out entirely because that's a medical condition and not a way of self identification.

"Genderfluid" is my other least favorite sexuality/gender identification, along with "demisexual." Basically it means that you feel male sometimes, and female other times.

Isn't that also normal? You know, that kind of describes me a little.

Demi sexual is means you need to know a person before you get any sexual energy.

I know it sounds odd. It does to me. I asked a lass who used it to explain it to me and she said it's useful in online dating. The terms are shorthand basically. It gave me a new insight into went it's so popular with people are not are not committed to gender woo.

I'm not for them, but it helped me to see why it's so popular.

How did asexual become a spectrum? All of this is dumb. I hope this post is a joke/troll. If I have to read one more "coming out" story from straight self-proclaimed demisexuals that attempt to mimic the real life experiences of same sex attracted people, I'm going to flip.

Coming out is a lifelong event for same sex attracted people, especially gay men and lesbians. Every new person you meet, every new job you get, you have to wonder: is it safe, will it change how people see me, how will they react, how long until I should say anything, etc. It can be traumatizing and it's certainly anxiety filling. You learn to choose your words carefully. You learn to hide. You learn to blend in. You can get away with not talking about your personal life for so long until people start to think you're weird for seemingly not having any relationships or a personal life to speak of. At which point you can lie or you can risk it and tell the truth.

This woman even states that it will have zero affect on her life or her family life, and yet makes a big post about "coming out" as... heterosexual and a mother? It's really insulting. "Coming out" is not a cool experience you should try once in your life. It's a symptom of heterosexuality being the default.

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