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this is 10000% accurate and one of the bigger reasons why i feel like i was in a cult :)

i was never actively part of the trans community because i didn't tell anyone, only special close people... so i never experienced this loving community thing because i was sceptical of groups as a teenager. i didn't want anyone to know 12 years ago because it was a totally different climate. i didn't know a single other trans kid in school or have any trans friends. (DON'T tell me this isn't a social contagion omg!!!!) i feel really sad for the people who had large, "loving" communities, or found a space they finally felt people would accept them in...

that said, i am definitely getting shit from some people now, including people who aren't trans or lgbt-washed. they want to veer away from me. people who i cannot understand why it's so offensive for me to be detrans. trans people i can least understand why they are getting mad, even if it's COMPLETELY offensive for THEM to be mad about this. lol

someone pointed out earlier that normies probably resist the detrans because that would mean their blind, unquestioning support and encouragement caused someone real and actual harm. unsurprised they'd rather avoid confronting it.