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This shit is why I believe detransition numbers are WAY higher than we think. Detransitioning is stressful enough without the added turmoil of being shunned by your friends and demonized by TRAs on social media.

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It definitely is. Any attempts to collect data on detransitioners and desisters gets shut down and deplatformed. Even if you didn't medically transition (and I feel terrible for those that did), there is a lot of emotionally exhausting soul searching that has to happen just to desist. It takes you to some dark places and makes you face harsh truths about things you once thought. I myself had to come to terms with just how deep my internalized misogyny went. I had to acknowledge how much I held maleness on a pedestal. I had to let go of a lot of the resentment I held for being born female and realize that the way people treat me because of my biology isn't my fault. And it didn't mean I was born wrong.