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The trans hate detransitioners because it's a loss for their cult movement.

Normies, on the other hand, were told that supporting trans was the right thing to do. That this support put them on the right side of history. Telling them that transing actually harmed a person means telling them they were wrong, and that they participated in this hurtful thing.

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I think some "normies" hate detrans because they put extra effort to be kind and pretend and now they are told their performance is for nothing.

Imagine someone asking you to lie every single day for years. Not just about pronouns, but putting a stop to your "wrongthink", creating a layer of toxicity in the social group where everyone is walking on eggshells for fear of misgendering or saying anything that could be interpreted as even slightly transphobic. After years of this, that person comes up to you and tells you that they got it wrong and actually what you did was harmful.

I support detransitioners and everything. But I think too often when we talk about mental health we forget how it must have been for those around.

Then again, I think the hate these detransitioners are talking about on twitter is more from cult members, rather than quiet supporters who are just "being nice"