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I didn't say all detrans? Of course they'll have repurcussions, there's no mental illness that doesn't. You ruin your life, your body etc with whatever coping mechanisms you find. The issue with this is that it's sanctioned and supported by governments and the culture. And it's not just individuals with body dysmorphia, all mental illness seem to be cause for transitioning now. Especially because of the online culture and cultism what it does to vulnurable individuals, though you also have the deviant personality disorders taking advantage of this as well. It's not really a simple topic or idea but it is worth noting, that in terms of desiring or detransing these people have overcome a lot of brainwashing/mentally illness etc to get to the point where they realize they hurt themselves and it wasn't okay.

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I agree with you.

People with bipolar disorder- particularly bipolar 1- regularly ruin their lives when in a manic state, if they don’t manage their condition. People with schizophrenia obviously can harm their own health and livelihood by not managing their condition, though the medications for schizophrenia are so harsh, that they need all the support they can get to stay healthy and relatively happy, whether they’re delusional or not, with the least amount of medication necessary, since they can have profound side effects (I think the way society tends to fail people suffering from severe mental illness is tragic and unforgivable). People with severe bipolar disorder also may have totally unmanageable lives and need to take powerful drugs with lots of side effects, and they need help, too.

Something like PTSD I don’t think of as a mental illness so much as a severe physical disease that also causes tremendous psychological distress. There’s no way you’re getting out of it without some damage to your body, simply because of how hard it is on your body; and many people with PTSD- as with any other mental illness- use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Prescription drugs to manage symptoms of PTSD can have lots of side effects, too.

Drug addiction is another disease, one with physical and mental components, which can devastate someone’s health.

If any of these people are able to control or stop having the symptoms, or using the drugs- they are a success story, regardless of any damage they may already have done.

It is so, so hard to overcome mental illness or addiction! It’s a minor miracle and a sign of incredible strength and/or luck.

So I fully agree with you. Detransitioners are a success story, physical damage or not. Especially with all of society propping up the delusion that you can change sex, it takes incredible mental strength to reject that narrative, as a person who has dysphoria, and who has transitioned; to go back on such a life-changing decision, and to question the narrative when most of society can’t- to admit to a mistake, in this of all situations, with absolutely all of society arrayed against you in your acknowledgement of the mistake- well, it’s not just successful. It’s nothing short of astonishing.