Not sure if this is new or from last year, but it's my first time seeing it.

Hilarious. AND it might get TRA's to actually read what she said.

[–] yikesforever 21 points (+21|-0)

I think people should send her essay to their trans friends and tell them to read this great essay by some fake name person and then after ask them what they think, then tell them jkr wrote it.

[–] SallySitsWell 2 points (+2|-0)

Genius!! I read it again yesterday and I kept thinking how do I get anyone to read this?? I've asked 3 friends recently if they've read it and nope....they still haven't gotten to it yet. Of course they've done tons of reading about how hateful she is!

[–] ShotTopic 14 points (+14|-0)

I remember reading her essay when it first came out and everyone was freaking out. All I can assume is most people just jump on the "JK Rowling BAD" train without actually reading her essay for themselves. I thought it was quite well balanced.

[–] TiredDev 11 points (+11|-0)

It's really frustrating trying to explain this to my sister, who has been sucked in by the trans cult. She keeps parroting how terrible JKR is, but I've literally never seen her tweet or say anything hateful. I can't fathom a more polite way to say what JKR has been saying, yet she's still public enemy number one for daring to have a voice as a woman.

[–] Miss_misandrist 10 points (+10|-0)

I love what JK said and hope I'm not derailing , but I'm starting to think can anyone benefit from transition? How is it beneficial and ethical to give them hormones to an unhealthy level? Hormone imbalances are no joke, so why are doctors giving this out as medicine? I just think this "treatment" was just exploitation to begin with. I love how she handled this with tact, but that part stood out to me and got me thinking.

I've asked several people to read her essay, they haven't, or won't, because reasons.

What's worked best for me is asking them "If all cis people thought, and behaved, exactly like JK Rowling... Would trans people be more or less safe?"

They then have to either deduct that Joanne has not actually harmed anyone and politely disagreeing with someone, while respecting their choices is a very civil conflict with many possible compromises available.

[–] zephyrean -1 points (+0|-1)

And this is why you should not trust JK "not my Nigel" Rowling.

[–] NewMa -1 points (+0|-1)

The person who made this really does not understand how reading is fundamental.

Or is incredibly subtly pointing out how ridiculous all this is.