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How about the moment you’re isolated you begin to sink without any social checks and balances into an interior fantasy life propagated by the media and internet world we all constantly consume that allows you to believe in these cross-sex fallacies while not having to interact within the world enough to force you into thinking about how it all really works in reality and what life outside of memes, porn, like-induced validation seeking, and playing dress up might entail?

[–] zephyrean 24 points (+24|-0)

Also, anecdotally, isolation has the opposite effect for ROGD girls and young women, as they suffer less peer pressure and don't have to worry about sexualization.

That’s interesting, I think a lot of social media still allows for that though— maybe you see your friends posting about transitioning online, because I even encountered this post from a TiF I know.

I’m sure it’s helpful to be apart from your peers for girls in the younger age range, I didn’t think about that. I bet it’s just getting away from your school friends that’s helpful and not literally only seeing your parents for a year. Very good point though 🤔

[–] shewolfoffrance 25 points (+25|-0)

More like, replacing in-person socialization with polarized social media interaction promotes disassociation from both your own body and material reality in general.

[–] yesisaiditxx [OP] 10 points (+10|-0)

Exactly! Many people are struggling with that like in the form of eating, drinking, and drug habits for example. It means that you have something in your life that you maybe need to mildly be cautious about typically but that the isolation allowed to blossom into a sickness…not that you’ve just found your true self.

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Translation: The more time narcissists and the insecure spend online and less time with actual in person human interaction, the more easily they fall into brainwashing cults.

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This tweet negates the fact that the most marginalized are the ones who can't afford to work from home - they are the minimum wage workers in pharmacies and supermarkets. They are those who work for the public, the first responders. This tweet shows that whoever can work from home has enough privilege to have the time and privacy to do nothing and think nonsense.