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Hope this is the right circle. I made a word search for fun. :)

Definitely right circle 😉

Yay! ☺️ How you feeling Janny?

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Aiii I’m ok bb thanks for asking 😉 I’ll janny willingly for y’all cuz I loves y’all

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This was fun! Took me a while but I found all of them, thank you for this!

I haven’t tried it yet (phone is way too small) but the word that leapt out from the list was CATTENING. ❤️❤️❤️

The cattening makes me think of fond of beetles (I think that's her handle?) on Twitter. There are lots of cute pics tweeted after she's dropped some info and she gets a lot of hate spewed her way. Tackling hate with cute floofs. ☺️

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This is brilliant, thank you for making it and sharing, I’ve screenshotted it (just for my own use) and have been having a lot of fun!

Aww! I'm glad y'all like it. I used one of those puzzle generators and it was a wee bit bigger than I hoped. Guess I'll have to make some more for phone use! Something to pass the time in waiting rooms and such. 😁