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The funny thing is that’s literally him in the meme 😭 imagine being a grown ass Bri’ish white moid tryna mansplain misogynoir to a teenage black girl from a country his ancestors colonized 🤧

[–] hypatia tired of it all 47 points (+48|-1) Edited

radfemblack is such a boss

edit: omg it's you! hi! you are awesome :)

[–] anonym0us3 13 points (+14|-1)

Agreed! I follow her on Twitter and she never disappoints :)

[–] MaryHatch 26 points (+26|-0)

Montgomerie is tenacious af, I'll give him that. He seems to be everywhere, all the time.

[–] malloww 19 points (+19|-0)

For real. I don't use Twitter much but I actually went over earlier today to look for that tweet where he claimed there was evidence transwomen have higher IQs than "cis" women. I gave up pretty quickly when I realized after a few minutes of scrolling his history I'd only made it back two days. He has to be on twitter pretty much all damn day to engage the way he does, he tweets constantly and seems to be in every conversation throwing his idiotic two cents in.

Found it. He says transwomen are smarter than both cis women and men but I don't know why he had to specify "cis women" first instead of just "cis people".

[–] sconsolato 4 points (+4|-0)

"at least some evidence" = entirely my shitty opinion with absolutely no bearing on reality whatsoever.

[–] sconsolato 5 points (+5|-0) Edited

Even if he was trying to make that argument (he was making it very poorly), the correct way of putting it would be that collectively, there are more males with "genius level" IQ's than females. The other side of the coin is that there are far more males with FAR below average IQ's than females. Women collectively tend to plot rather evenly in terms of IQ, whereas males have clusters on either extreme (far more low IQ than high IQ), as well as mid-range. Idk where he got those stats from, or if he was even trying to make a reference to the study I'm referencing, but either way, he fucked up badly. How disingenuous.

Not to mention all of the issues with IQ as a standard altogether, and the issues with how IQ is tested, but whatever.

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In other words he has no life and no personality besides pantomiming a misogynist fantasy of womanhood. Probably only takes breaks to eat, sleep and melt brain with porn. Poor Colin, I wonder what his life would be like if, like, a giant EMP hit our planet and there was no more internet, social media, etc. What would he do all day?

[–] Calico 20 points (+20|-0)

Ah yes, the old “we never said this!” deflection tactic. Sometimes even they realize how stupid they look.

Too bad they’ve long since shot themselves in the foot by constantly saying exactly that all across the internet.

[–] starwars 12 points (+12|-0)

The narcissistic script of "That doesn't happen but if it does, it's no big deal!" Just like the TRAs who made excuses for the man who exposed himself in front of children at Wi Spa.

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radfemblack!!! you were the one who peaked me <3 i love you so much

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Men have serious trouble realizing that other people have different ~valid~ experiences than them. If he blindspots when TRAs argue variations of "black women are masculinized, and you want to fight for their womanhood, so men can be women and their womanhood should be equally fought for!" that sentiment suddenly doesn't exists.

It doesn't matter if someone is saying they hear it regularly or even shows proof of it happening. If he doesn't personally experience it and it doesn't stick with him he can't conceive of it existing. He also doesn't care to even consider it existing.

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radfemblack was one of the first people i followed when becoming gender critical! <3

[–] Luckystar 3 points (+3|-0)

I liked some memes replacing his avatar with a pre transition photo. It fits his way of thinking so much better when you realize this is just a spoiled entitled dudebro with a severely inflated sense of self importance

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Ugh, monty is insufferable.

btw I just found you on Facebook (used to not ever use my facebook account but in light of the fact that I can't get a twitter acc for the time being, I decided to try to be a little more active on there).

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