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Made a meme to help peak people since so many folks think the stunning and brave TW have actually had surgery. You okay with sharing spaces? Well, picture a penis cuz that's what the reality is!

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I'm on the fence about the whether the "no SRS" part should matter or not. On the one hand, it does mean that as long as they're well-behaved in a locker room, at least they aren't showing everyone else their penis, so that's nice. But on the other hand, lack of a penis doesn't really make me any less worried about things like rape (they're still (usually) physically huge), or voyeuristic interest in watching naked women (or worse, as this image points out, young girls). I guess I'm not quite so much on the fence as on the side of "SRS isn't enough to make it okay, but a little less bad". Curious what others think.

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I don't want any man to have legal access to women's private spaces, including castrated men, including very feminine-appearing men. No men. Thank you.

Agreed 100%. This was more of a jumping off point so that we can start talking logically with the general public again. I feel like once people start thinking about it in a realistic way, it's going to be hard to justify ANYONE other than actual women being in our spaces.

I'm really glad you brought that up. I made the meme thinking of how many people seem to think that they're putting forth effort to be female, and assuming they've fully transitioned so at least they'd have a neovagina. We know that's not the case at all.

I personally don't think any man, no matter what he has in his pants belongs in our spaces. But I also don't think the general public is going to understand what we're actually up against until they're at least made aware that most of these guys are heterosexual men with penises.

To me, it's like baby steps. I feel like saying NO men right off the bat gets people riled up whereas this is more of an attempt to get them thinking more critically on their own.

Maybe I should make a series! Start with the basics and keep going til we end up at ONLY girls & women, NO exceptions. :)

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What about men who don't identify as female, but have lost their penis and/or testicles for other reasons?

My line of thinking is that if you're ok with a man who's had SRS, you have to be ok with admitting all men who identify as men but do not have their penis/testicles into the women's room. Reasons:

  1. Drawing a hard line between these two groups and only allowing admittance to one is to determine that it is a person's appearance that determines whether they belong in the women's room.

  2. This is to ignore the other reasons besides danger that women have for wanting and I'd say having the right to our own space, separate from all men (no matter their physical appearance or personality). This includes basic privacy.

To expand on 1., opening the room to some men means that it isn't the women's room anymore. It's the "women's and feminine men's room." Which leads into 2., and I think since they're always blathering on about trans rights this is an extremely important question: Do women have the right to privacy and their own spaces?