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Taking this opportunity to plug Wahine Toa Rising, an organisation led by exited women that provides support and guidance to women seeking to leave prostitution.

I listened to a great interview with the co-founder on Meghan Murphy's podcast, Feminist Current. The one thing that stuck with me above all else was that when NZ went into lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, the government offered income replacement payments to employees who were being made to stay home and miss work, including independent contractors. But women "legally employed" as prostitutes were basically left to either start camming, making porn, or apply for unemployment.

Interesting, isn't it? Women are supposedly so respected as professional, legitimate workers when prostitution is legalised as a form of work... and yet prostitutes were the only "workers" denied income replacement and told they had to apply for unemployment benefits if they couldn't service johns. Really makes ya think.

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Is it totally legal? So that even Johns don’t get arrested?

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Legalized means one cannot be arrested nor fined. Decriminalized means one cannot be arrested, but may still be fined.