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I’m not broke, I’m a lesbian, no introspection, healing, conversation therapy, blackmail or coercion will EVER make me want a man anywhere near me sexually.

That’s the whole fucking point, and I didn’t spend my teens hating myself, begging the universe to make me like everyone else, and then finally coming to terms with who I am, to go back on all of that because of a damn man in a dress who calls himself a woman.

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So many lesbians (especially older ones) tried to "get over" their repulsion of penises so they could be "normal". My aunt tried it when she was young. It doesn't work.

I can't believe modern liberals are pushing that conversion therapy is okay if the man coercing the lesbian is wearing lipstick

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And, as always, men don’t need to heal anything by doing something they don’t want to do. Their “healing” is done through everyone tolerating, pampering and pandering to their every obnoxious whim. It’s easy to feel okay when you get whatever you want. Telling them “no” to anything is somehow impeding their healing.

[–] Ghostfem 16 points (+16|-0)

They need to heal their entitlement and get somewhere above a toddler's emotional intelligence.

I’ve been questioning if that’s even possible more often every day. I want to believe men can be decent creatures, but I like to be honest about the hard facts of life, too, and the older I get the more I am suspect of men’s capacity.

[–] Ghostfem 3 points (+3|-0)

I've seen a lot of decent men who aren't that entitled or violent and who take personal responsibility for their actions. But yeah, this type, I think they're untreatable unless they have a breakdown or like, a major disruption. Our society validates and rewards this kind of disordered personalities, so it's rare to meet the conditions of healing for them.

[–] Eava 8 points (+8|-0)

Maybe if they heal they'll be happy sleeping with other TIMs. Why don't they like Ladydick?

[–] Livin 32 points (+32|-0)

They should just date themselves. If trans is truly so amazing and the best, why don't they date and get girl dick and boy pussy from each other.

[–] Lilim 20 points (+20|-0)

Because it’s not valiiiiiiiidating 🙄 They won’t even date each other because they damn well know what male and female is and they’re almost always a straight person with a fetish

[–] Luckystar 12 points (+12|-0)

This does happen... it's usually the bottom of the barrel desperate ones. Two men LARPing as women, mostly over the internet because in person their utter maleness is undeniable to each other. There's also some abusive TIMs whose wives go TIF(or they pick a TIF in the first place) I don't understand fully what's going on there but it'd be interesting to understand the psychology of. I just know in literally every anecdotal case I can think of the TIM is clearly abusing the TIF

It’s not as much fun as rape, whether by coercion, deception or undisguised violence.

[–] WitchPlease 27 points (+27|-0)

I hate this. I hate that whenever I woman doesn't want to see, touch or be penetrated by a penis they assume it's because of trauma. I don't have trauma with penis. I may choose to see penis sometimes. I may have sex with men. I like penis. I still don't want to see it in a female only space, I still don't want to get dick pics, I don't want to see penis I didn't consent to see. No trauma. Just boundaries.

Same. I have no trauma from penis. Only one I’ve seen in person was in a life-drawing class decades ago. There was also only one I ever wanted to interact with, but it couldn’t happen. Never wanted any other man and I would sooner slit my wrists than have anything to do with TIMs.

[–] IWantAGirlRiot 3 points (+3|-0)

Exactly, and even if I have “trauma”, I shouldn’t have to disclose it to make a point or to be heard. Like, I saw a dude jerk off to me on a train AND there are a million other reasons I can tell you why women deserve single sex spaces.

[–] Ghostfem 19 points (+19|-0)

I love this one so much, thank you for sharing! This is so on-point. Women's trauma is all about being violated, our boundaries being stepped on. It's the trauma that makes us say "yes" when we mean "no", because we think no one would listen to our "no" or hurt us for it. But we're no longer little girls. Say no. Say it loud. And don't let anyone get away with not listening.

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I've never had cancer, but I know I never want it. I've never had sex with an ape or some other animal, but I know I never want to. I've never been traumatized, but I'm a lesbian so I know I never want anyone who was born with a dick.

Trauma has nothing to do with any of those things.

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Actually, nothing “allows” us to say no. Because we don’t need anyone’s fucking permission to say no in the first place.

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This reminds me of that awesome PeachyYoghurt video pulling apart Riley J Dennis:

“Oh, Danny boy, you’re so generous! Women with sexual trauma get transphobic permits, but it’s only temporary, because you better heal fast, work through that trauma, so you can suck his dick.”

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What a male idea that the only "reasonable" excuse for someone not wanting anything to do with your dick is trauma. "Reasonable", but still not excusable because you need to overcome "trauma" and obviously accept their dick again. So there is absolutely no excuse or reason for any woman ever rejecting their dick. They are probably getting off on the idea of fucking someone "traumatized" by their dick. I'm sure "trauma" is a big search term in all their porn websites.

Here's an idea: if lesbians did decide they wanted to get some dick, they could have their pick of the dick. There's probably not a dick-haver alive who doesn't want to have sex with a lesbian. They could have the most quality dick possible. On what planet would they the porn-sick, estrogen-wilted, nasty larping "lady"dick of a TIM?

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