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They’re identifying as a fetish. Their fetishized idea of a woman.

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This is something that I’ve never understood.

People identifying as another race- that’s fucking offensive, get the fuck out of here, you can’t just appropriate another person’s race like that, that’s an entire history and lived experience and it ain’t yours.

People identifying as another age- pervert. We see right through you.

People identifying as another species, or an alien or a vampire- hahahaha you’re so pathetic, get off tumblr you raging weirdo.

People identifying as the opposite sex- this is precious, valid and beautiful. This deserves to be recognized by force.

What’s the fucking difference? (The fact that scientists were performing medical experiments on people to magically turn them into the “opposite sex” in the same years the we’re performing lobotomies, and fantasizing about the boundairs of science fiction? And we weren’t trying to turn white people into black people, or people into animal?) Either way it’s all in peoples heads. I am a fat person, I own it, it’s my body shape. I could start identifying as thin or very tall or dark-skinned or Ukrainian. It wouldn’t make me. If I started identifying as a man, it wouldn’t be any different. It’s imaginary.

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I agree, It is inconsistent and makes no sense.

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Sall nailed it. Thanks for posting this tweet here, OP!

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wow I love this twitter person! I'll have to follow her.