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"If we just erase women and women's safe spaces then they won't get death/rape threats anymore. Problem solved."

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Excuse me, while I copy-paste Sall Grover's entire Twitter account.

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It's been interesting watching her transition from being very accomodating, very nice & very kind to TIMs, to the place where she is now. Her transition was fuelled by the abuse she received for setting up a female only app that has facial recognition gatekeeping. She originally allowed TIMs to bypass the gatekeeping with verification but it was abused (obviously) & they had to make the app actually female only.

She 'came out' & accepted being labelled a T*RF about a year ago & since then has been loudly outspoken for female only spaces. It's quite a change from the doormat that came to chat on GC: we warned her & she didn't listen. I just hope she coped OK with the threats & abuse she received.

Here's her account of the TRA attacks on her & her business that made her peak: https://sallceo.medium.com/i-guess-im-a-terf-then-part-ii-7b1e30cb192e

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YES. This is what is happening, and I just wish it was being examined...