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See: how they get turned on when they get catcalled.

Some are shameless about it, others do this stupid little fake apology like “I know I know, it’s terrible for other women, but it just felt so thrilling and validating.”

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Because he’s not going to be raped or murdered by a man for his reaction to said catcall. Or for any other reason, mostly.

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Because misogyny is apparently “validating” 🙄 Actual women never feel that way… tims really do tell on themselves

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It's how they think of women ("sluts", "whores", "dumb bitches") so of course they wouldn't blame other men for similar verbiage. Many, many AGP have a humiliation/submissive fetish so being humiliated as a woman turns them on massively. Why would they complain about that? In the end, woman is just a temporary role for them.

Being "disrespected" by women in and with reality, though? Now that actually insults them, because they need women to "know their place" to keep the fantasy going.

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Yeah. These assholes know that sex is immutable and who is what sex.

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They don't give a shit when MRAs call actual women slurs either. Because they're sexist men. Insert Spider-Man meme. Two MRA woman haters. One in a dress.

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Adjacent to one of my personal “favorites”:

TiMs embracing acting like a bimbo, bitch, slut, etc. and thinking it’s cute to pretend to be a dick-hungry, shallow gold digger but when women question them suddenly they’re philosophers and activists and cry TRANSMISOGYNY! SHE’S SO ANTI-FEMINIST! HOW DARE SHE BE SO AGAINST WOMEN!


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This reminds me of a very specific line from the poem You Ain't Me, by Aja on twitter.

"Growing up as a girl trying to dodge the hands of the dirty man on the street as he reaches for me. Now flip forward 20 years and what do I see? That same dirty man saying he's the same as me."

I loved her entire poem, but that line stuck out to me the most. It rings so true.

TiM's have always been that dirty ass man catcalling and harassing young women and girls, then getting pissed off when we react negatively towards their harassment. Now that they think they're women, they believe that their past harrassment was always just a sweet little harmful compliment and that we should've just smiled and giggled for them. They're reacting the way they believe women should have reacted. Just proves how sick in the head they are.