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When you classify anything besides enthusiastic support as "hate", no one gets to say a goddamn thing. I hope this keeps peaking people.

An astounding number of comments start with “I support trans rights, but… this is clearly unfair?” and have yet to realize that they are a horrible bigot because they don’t want to stomp on women’s sports. People don’t know what they’ve been signed up for.

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They have yet to realize that none of us want trans people to lack rights or die in a fire. What we want is not to lose our rights to regressive demands.

Well, they did get their comments in without getting flagged for “hate”. Maybe the contradiction was strategic.

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He threw the competition. My husband is a cross fit trainer and said it was absolutely done on purpose.

Video of his huge ass smile after having his "Olympic Dreams" crushed https://twitter.com/siuphilip/status/1422160558355320835

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I absolutely knew this was going to happen and called it long ago. He will keep throwing them and strategically improve a bit each time so that he can keep the "trans women don't have an advantage" argument alive as long as possible. The conspiracy theorist in me also probably thinks that he might have been positioned by the trans lobby to purposefully use him as a case-in-point to open the floodgates for TiMs in women's sports in the future.

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It'd really be an elaborate scheme to pull off for trans athletes as a population to collectively throw just enough competitions over time to gradually normalize this without people continuing to question it. I have some hope that this cannot realistically happen. One errant narcissist could bring down the whole charade, and I think we all know that that's likely.

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I thought he might throw it; but then he'd have to combat/control his ego.

There's also a possibility that he knew he couldn't beat the female athletes EVEN WITH his male advantage - so he threw it to save face: I mean... How embarassing to be beaten by women /s

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 2 points (+2|-0)

This is what I think happened.

Either he knew he couldn’t beat a woman OR the whole thing was a set up to show that poor widdle TIM isn’t a threat to women.

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I wish I knew enough about weightlifting to understand what happened. I'd love to see a well-informed, well-researched piece/post comparing how he prepared and trained to how his competitors prepared and trained, and how he performed on the day compared to how his competitors performed. Alas, I'll never be the person qualified to write it.

In any case, as others have said, 43-year-old man who took a 15-year break today, 23-year-old man who's trained steadily all his life tomorrow.

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Give it a week, someone will do it and post it on twitter, lol.

We watched it in the highlights and we both said he threw it. He made hardly any attempt to lift and push up, just doing a fake give at the knees before dropping and giving up. If he’d win people would have known he had an unfair advantage and there would be uproar and they wouldn’t allow any more of them in the olympics. Now they can say look we are just like women. Over the next decade the olympics will become pretty much all male again.

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That clearly wasn't the performance of someone there to compete for Olympic glory. It was a half-arsed gesture & blatant throwing of the comp: olympic level & 3 strikes? Yeah right pal. Pull the other one.

ETA: just checked & Hubbards max lift in the snatch before the olympics was 131 kg: he's regularly lifted 120, 125 & 127 kg. He's lifted 131 kg twice before. But today he couldn't lift 120 or 125 kg properly once in 3 attempts? Yeah right. Today was bullshit from him.

He's also had 3 strikes before in 2019 at the Arafura Games, & he had 2 strikes in 2018 at the Commonwealth Games. Is this just a hobby for him? Does he throw games when he's competing against women who have lifted heavier than him & he thinks he can't win?

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I don't know sports and even that lift looks pathetic. Aren't you supposed to at least stand up fully and hold it? What the hell was that? And the teehee aww shucks thing at the end. Wtf? What an embarrassing performance.

It's such bullshit all around. He stole the spot from someone else, then if he wins he peaks the world, if he loses it's bad show. None of this would have happened if he was never allowed in the WOMEN'S CATEGORY to begin with!

Edit: wtf he fucking bowed to the audience, like he was proud or something of that shit. What a mockery of what the olympics was meant to be.

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LOL, there' s auto translation in my language on Facebook: the only word in the title that describes Hubbard' s "gender" is declined male.


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Declined male?!? I love/hate it.

Maybe it' s the wrong word? I don' t know, but yes, the title in my language uses a verb that ends with o, which means that it refers to a dude.

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Yes let’s not point out that he is a middle aged man. So woke, so brave BBC.

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Susan McDonnell on twitter has done a good 'how to complain' and skeleton complaint re this latest BBC farce



Who would downvote this?

[–] furyosa no, thank you 2 points (+2|-0)

Just speculation but people have been weary of direct links to google docs because your google user name will show up if it's a public document. I.e. fear of doxxing may be behind the down vote.

Complain directly here with a link from Graham Linehan (it goes to a Google doc but you have to give your name anyway, which they say will not be released to third parties) https://grahamlinehan.substack.com/p/the-bbc-should-apologise-to-women?

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It would be very appropriate to post the ending to the "Emperor's new clothes" like someone here suggested xD

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Wow, in the "linked tweets" section it was just GC/Radfem all-star after all-star. It was amazing to read so many powerful takes in a row.

Hey, BBC. He’s a cheating man. He’s loathesome and so are you for supporting him and his kind.

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