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I'm going to have to make an OP about this because, I've had some conversations with pro-sex work men and it really made me realize how insidious the entire idea of sex work is.

Sex work and patriarchy are interchangeable. They can't exist without the other.

Patriarchy exists to deny the importance of women's pleasure during sex. It exists to say women should be laborers in sex and men should take pleasure from them. It exists to perpetuate that sexual pleasure for women not only doesn't exist, that even if it exists is not important and something nobody needs to consider. Or even worse, that it is something that no man has to work for. And finally if it exists, its not damaged by turning sex into WORK, a TOIL, a STRUGGLE, LABOR and SUFFERING.

No girl ever, in their life, has a dream of being a prostitute, of having the greatest pleasure of life twisted and poisoned into a labor, an exploitable thing. All girls want to be romanced and loved and to enjoy pleasure from that love. Sex work is PATENTLY INHUMANE.

Women's orgasms matter. Women deserve orgasms!! The giving of money IS NOT ENOUGH and will NEVER BE ENOUGH to justify taking away women's pleasure, of erasing her needs for intimacy and joy in sex. All of this is all tied to the MYTH that women and girls are not fully human like men are. That we don't have the same need for release and joy in sex, and that is the cornerstone of patriarchy, that women exist for men to take their pleasure from, and nothing else!

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One of my exs would constantly harass and coerce me into sex. It went on basically every night for years. One I had a medical procedure and had to wait 6 weeks for sex. He coerced me into BJs and HJs the whole time and exactly 6 weeks after he started harassing me for intercourse again because he'd "waited the 6 weeks" like he was told.

It's been years and I still don't really enjoy sex much anymore because of it. Maybe once a month.

I'm so so sorry. : (

This is what I'm talking about. Sex work, being coersed into sex for whatever reason, with people who dont give a fuck about your pleasure, its damaging to your psyche. It's really bad.

What a piece of shit. Sorry love :-(

Sometimes I think, eh, maybe I'll give men another chance and then I see this kind of thing and..... maybe nah.