This is SO well put. Especially the “and now it’s everyone else’s problem” at the end. Because that is the main issue with this entire movement/ideology.

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Holy fuck. I hope this person is on ovarit and if not damn! Someone invite them, what a breath of fresh air. They really just said everything in those three paragraphs lmao.

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Those words aren't labels to describe personalities but traumas, to hide them.

The kind of stuff teens and young adults would normally be doing to develop a sense of identity and purpose—exploring art and music, trying a sport, learning a hobby, literally anything healthy and productive—is getting replaced by posturing on social media. All you need to do to come across as complex and unique is mix and match from the buffet table of meaningless labels and stick to the right script that’ll make you look like a good person regardless of your actual behavior. It’s low effort and the payoff is instantaneous.

Even if they wanted to be authentic, I believe a lot of them wouldn’t know where to start.

All those gender identities are like when teens before identified as emo, punk, dark, goth or whatever. But now they´ll end up with permanent health damages instead of just embarrassing photos in weird clothing.