Ikr?? I've been saying this forever - if you're man/male and you take estrogen and cut your balls off, that doesn't make you a woman/female. That makes you a man/male without balls on artificial estrogen. When I put it like this, it helps a lot of people understand why TIMs don't belong in womens spaces regardless of how much surgery they've done (ahem "Laurel" Hubbard)

Interesting... I've been drinking milk, am I a calf now?

See you guys in the pastures! ๐Ÿ„

"But literally no one is claiming they're biologically female!"

Which then becomes

"She isn't Male! There's zero difference between her and other women because she's a woman so what's the problem? And biology isn't so straightforward, it's a construct, fuck off with your dogwhistles!"

God do I hate how they parrot that line "no one said that waah". Like shut up! Just shut up, if I cared to look I'd find the same person saying 'no one said that', said exactly that the day before.

My friend loves coffee and identifies as a civet. You're transspeciesphobic if you don't buy and eat her sht. They're no different than fresh coffee beans.