Who could have possibly foreseen that there would be problems with letting prisoners decide which prison they want to be placed in via self identification shocked pikachu face

Can't wait to see what Antifa is going to do to protect women, many of whom are victims of racial prejudice in the justice system, from literal Nazis (like, literal, literal Nazis, not moms who don't want men wagging their penises in front of children).

They are not going to do anything. They "defend" categories only if it' s trendy, it' s not trendy to defend women, but it is trendy to defend men who call themselves women, regardless of the reason why they do it.

Nazis "identifying" as women will be the poor victims of bigotry, even when they rape, kill and torture biological women in prisons. After all, it' s women' s fault for not shutting up and letting them do whatever they want that they are forced to be violent against them.

I think it would go down much the same way as Chris Chan. Mainstream media outlets will ignore the story, TRAs will be up in arms about pronouns and ignore the female victim, and a few TRAs will try to claim the Nazi rapists "were never really trans." There may be a handful of think pieces by journalists who've managed to keep one foot in "respectable" media, like Jesse Singal and Andrew Sullivan.

They will call it a hoax and say it never happens and when confronted with evidence they will say “oh but it hasn’t happened a lot” and so forth and so on

They'll go full rape apologist too. They'll claim the sex was consensual and the woman was lying, that the rapist just couldn't help himself, or that his victim was asking for it. Or if it did happen, it wasn't a big deal and she should stop being so dramatic. Think of how hard life must be for the rapist, and how these accusations will ruin his reputation, and possibly endanger him in prison!

And then we'll pull off their mask Scooby Doo style to show that all along they were basically an MRA movement and people will gasp... Because that's not a man, bigot, it's a woman! It's a WRA movement, obviously!!

Good point, from what I can find about 60% of the women's prison population in California are women of color. Black women in particular are pretty severely overrepresented. You'd think there'd be some concern from the people who claim they believe black lives matter about subjecting black women who have likely already experienced a lot of injustice and abuse in their lives to violent white supremacist males. But you know there won't be.

It seems like a lot of Antifa kids are young, white, middle-class men larping as radicals. Young men picking fights and destroying property for fun is the oldest story in the book. The veneer of social consciousness is new, but I don't think it reflects any deeply held beliefs.

Yup. Wreck the neighborhoods you pretend to care about and then run home to the safety of mom’s house. Hand her your bag of dirty laundry to tend to and ask for some money while thinking what a capitalist bigot she is for not being out there ‘protesting’.

The hierarchy of oppression saying men in dresses are the most oppressed of the oppressed

In an alternate world, it would be funny if GC men IDed into women's prisons to protect women from predators. Not remotely likely, but it would be like an extreme version of Graham Linehan's Her stunt.

Zuby did a similar stunt years ago, before Laurel-stealing Hubbard.

He declared himself a woman and beat the deadlift record.

The media didn’t talk about it because they would have had to admit he was just ‘pretending’which never happens

[–] Miss_misandrist 46 points Edited

How can someone claim to have morals and then advocate to put men into women's prisons? I am so fucking angry at anyone who supports this. And to make matters worse MEN WERE ALREADY PROTECTED IN PRISON. FFS, US prisons have general population (the most dangerous wing) and a protected area for rapists and pedos (sorry, forgot what it's called) so I don't want to hear anyone say "what about the poor men in dwesses 😭", fuck off they had protection already.

a protected area for rapists and pedos (sorry, forgot what it's called)

I believe it’s called protective custody.

You’re absolutely right!!! If pedos (the main targets of prison, really) can stay alive and well in protective custody and/or solitary, so can TIMs and all other men.

Not only that, they have LGBT wings where effeminate men at particular risk are housed together. But I suppose gay men need to moved to women's prisons too? Thats called not having a woman's prison anymore, which is exactly what's happened

[–] PaulaAlquist 40 points Edited

Putting racist white men into places where women of color are sitting ducks?

Where they can impregnate all of the white women they want, which is part of their agenda?


Who can I scream to if I do not live in CA? I've already let my own state know how I feel, because it is next with this shit.

This. Scott Wiener has the greatest shit storm heading his way. He will pay for this.

[–] LOriginedumonde 30 points Edited

Wait a minute…. I thought us evil awful terfs were white supremacist nazi murderers. If that’s so, why are the white supremacist neo-nazi gang member murderers going against our efforts by transferring to female prisons?

Seriously though, this is fucking terrifying and urgent. Does anyone have the name of the monster who was transferred? I’m so fucking livid that I could chew nails. The people who advocated this are downright evil!

The Brand (AB) is very, very dangerous. They have a lot of power inside prison - and the ability to make 'things' happen outside prison as well (as in, to your family).

This! Its madness to place them in a prison full of females who are overwhelmingly non-violent offenders. They could easily force the female inmates into sexual slavery by threatening their families on the outside! Does California really think these psychos wouldn't lie about being trans to gain access to this captive population of vulnerable women!?

California has such over crowded male prisons, didn't they let out murderers early because of this? I don't think they care tbh, it can fix the over crowding problem and they get virtue signaling points while doing it.

didn't they let out murderers early because of this?

Yeah, let' s release murderers to make space for other murderers, those who were let go will definitely be nice and cute from now on and will not add themselves to the ones who will need to be jailed again in the future.

Flawless logic!!! 👌

Yikes. :( Fucking hate men so much. They’re so evil and violent.

Me too. And woe be to whoever tells me they didn't have loving mothers, or they wouldn't be the way they are.

Will California also allow them to identify as Black women and demand to share a cell with actual Black females?. Sadly, it wouldn't shock me if they did.....

These racist piece of shit men are probably chomping at the bit to do that. It unfortunately will probably end in rape and murder.

I wonder if Democrats will care or listen then...

(Probably not)

I wonder if Democrats will care or listen then...

(Probably not)

Black Lives Matter

....unless they disrupt the narrative that all men who claim to be laydees are saints and couldn't possibly be lying! Then their lives are disposable!

They'll only care if a TIM is raped or murdered. And then, we'll hear the cry of "no true Trans" go up all around in regards to the clearly fake trans, and everyone will be wringing their hands as to how such a sneaky mcsneakytrans got around their cast-iron protections.

Women? No. No one cares much about that.

If and when they get off their asses and do something about it, they'll find a way to blame the violence on TERFs and right-wingers, maybe for making the discourse on gender "toxic" by being mean.

I wonder if Democrats will care or listen then...

They don' t care.

Even when these men rape, abuse and murder women & children, leftists still believe they are the most vulnerable and oppressed group 🙄

Honestly, it would shock me. Somehow, everyone is able to see how offensive transracialism is, but because sexism and misogyny aren’t around anymore (/s) transgenderism is just fine.

Didn’t know where to post this since o/GenderCritical doesn’t allow image posts... hope this is okay!

I'm letting it stay, but you should also probably make a text post on o/GenderCritical for those who don't visit o/Radfemmery. This is really horrifying stuff and we've gotta get the word out.

Hey, sister, if you do not wish to post on Gender Critical (text post), I will. I am so incredibly angry, and every woman needs to know this.

Great, so this will be an all male facility with a small minority of females for the men to rape and assault as they please. I wonder if the women can request to be segregated from gen. pop until this is resolved? This gets me so angry. I have tears of rage every time I see an update from the CA prisoners/WOLF. I don’t care who is running against the Dems, they will NEVER get my vote again. I honestly hope all of those who voted in favor of this get their comeuppance.

Also does anyone know about a court case being filed? I see that WoLF keeps reporting on the prisoners but I would like to know if any legal action has started? Does anyone have any info?

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