Can't wait to see what Antifa is going to do to protect women, many of whom are victims of racial prejudice in the justice system, from literal Nazis (like, literal, literal Nazis, not moms who don't want men wagging their penises in front of children).

Good point, from what I can find about 60% of the women's prison population in California are women of color. Black women in particular are pretty severely overrepresented. You'd think there'd be some concern from the people who claim they believe black lives matter about subjecting black women who have likely already experienced a lot of injustice and abuse in their lives to violent white supremacist males. But you know there won't be.

It seems like a lot of Antifa kids are young, white, middle-class men larping as radicals. Young men picking fights and destroying property for fun is the oldest story in the book. The veneer of social consciousness is new, but I don't think it reflects any deeply held beliefs.

Yup. Wreck the neighborhoods you pretend to care about and then run home to the safety of mom’s house. Hand her your bag of dirty laundry to tend to and ask for some money while thinking what a capitalist bigot she is for not being out there ‘protesting’.