Can't wait to see what Antifa is going to do to protect women, many of whom are victims of racial prejudice in the justice system, from literal Nazis (like, literal, literal Nazis, not moms who don't want men wagging their penises in front of children).

They will call it a hoax and say it never happens and when confronted with evidence they will say “oh but it hasn’t happened a lot” and so forth and so on

They'll go full rape apologist too. They'll claim the sex was consensual and the woman was lying, that the rapist just couldn't help himself, or that his victim was asking for it. Or if it did happen, it wasn't a big deal and she should stop being so dramatic. Think of how hard life must be for the rapist, and how these accusations will ruin his reputation, and possibly endanger him in prison!

And then we'll pull off their mask Scooby Doo style to show that all along they were basically an MRA movement and people will gasp... Because that's not a man, bigot, it's a woman! It's a WRA movement, obviously!!