I’m so angry at this.

When I try to post about this stuff I get the ‘women are raped in prison by prison guards anyway’ crap.

They are the first ones to point out the hypocrisy of ‘all lives matter’ ir to fight the people who say ‘why worry about police brutality against the AA community when Black on Black crime happens too’

Nobody cares if it’s women. Even BIPOC women

We must NEVER let TRAs forget what they've done.

When the bill passed sometime last year I thought of ways this could go wrong. I never anticipated gang members taking advantage of this system. Scott Wiener has fucked up in so many ways. WoLF's reporting has been spot on so far. We need to document everything.

Great, so this will be an all male facility with a small minority of females for the men to rape and assault as they please. I wonder if the women can request to be segregated from gen. pop until this is resolved? This gets me so angry. I have tears of rage every time I see an update from the CA prisoners/WOLF. I don’t care who is running against the Dems, they will NEVER get my vote again. I honestly hope all of those who voted in favor of this get their comeuppance.

Also does anyone know about a court case being filed? I see that WoLF keeps reporting on the prisoners but I would like to know if any legal action has started? Does anyone have any info?

I am shocked! SHOCKED I tell you!

[–] Hyacinth 3 points Edited

My heart sunk, I imagined these vulnerable imprisoned women going about their day with men in shackles making rape threats and lewd gestures at them, now black and brown women who've had a poor start in life are treated to a chorus of racial slurs and abuse too.

[–] LOriginedumonde 30 points Edited

Wait a minute…. I thought us evil awful terfs were white supremacist nazi murderers. If that’s so, why are the white supremacist neo-nazi gang member murderers going against our efforts by transferring to female prisons?

Seriously though, this is fucking terrifying and urgent. Does anyone have the name of the monster who was transferred? I’m so fucking livid that I could chew nails. The people who advocated this are downright evil!

The plurality of California's prisoners are Latino (I mean Latinx....) so I'm sure they'll get in on it too if it works. If it's all self-ID, it will probably become THE trend. Suddenly we'll have thousands of "I self-ID as a woman" men invading women's prisons, raping the women, and escaping.

I can't imagine any "tough guy" gang member being willing to call himself a woman for ANY reason though.

So sick of clown world.

[–] PaulaAlquist 40 points Edited

Putting racist white men into places where women of color are sitting ducks?

Where they can impregnate all of the white women they want, which is part of their agenda?


Who can I scream to if I do not live in CA? I've already let my own state know how I feel, because it is next with this shit.

This. Scott Wiener has the greatest shit storm heading his way. He will pay for this.

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