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A woman is someone who identifies as a woman. Someone who identifies as a woman is someone who feels like a woman. Someone who feels like a woman is someone who wants to look like a woman. Someone who looks like a woman is someone who occupies the social role of a woman. Someone who occupies the social role of a woman is...

A woman is someone whose changing room and jails are safer and more fun for men-who-say-they’re-women

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iT’S aN AtTiTuDe

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Did somebody really say this? Why do I bother asking 🤦‍♀️ it was the Scottish Green Party ninnies right? Fock off lol

My friend infuriatingly can’t tell me what a woman is, because it’s “so complicated”, and she doesn’t believe in biological sex but in day to day life she functions and talks as if the concepts of sex and “woman” were perfectly apparent and simple.

The Taliban thing makes me think of actual Talibans using female clothing thinking that the US wouldn't bomb/drone strike women.

It is so bizarre isn't it? I was chatting with someone about movies with actually strong female leads and weirdly, they were all played by people like Signoury Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Tina Fey, Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguiz and Zoe Saldana.It is a mystery what these people all have in common. HMMMMMM Same with female scientists! Popular ones mentioned are Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, Mary Anning, Mary Jackson andJane Goodall. What in the world do thes people have in common? I don't get it.