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Ed to add: I hope it had to be accompanied by a large donation to a charity of Joanne’s choice.

I hope there are more tweets like this in the future. TRAs think that they can get away with saying what ever bs they want to say, but there are rules in the real world.

A bunch of them are retweeting the original defamatory tweet right now. Then in two months, they'll be crying about their mental health and victimization at the hands of big bad JKR.

I spent roughly an hour reporting all of those for targetted harrassment...

Will be interesting to see if any delete.

Also any of them that mentioned terfs, I reported them as personal targetted harrassment against ME since I'm a terf.

God, I hope she is. Any way to confirm??

ETA: It's lighting up on Twitter a bit. I'm so, so happy if these assholes have to take some accountability for their actions.

Have you seen any other apologies?

No other apologies, but that idiot Jack Turban and others are tweeting with the same theory - although they're spinning it as JKR "silencing her critics." They don't understand the concept of defamation, apparently, and they don't seem to grasp that the person who defamed her is still alive and well and able to speak for himself.

It's about damn time they take accountability for what they say and do!

I hope there are more consequences than simply apologizing

I haven’t seen anything official yet.

This so just an educated guess that myself and others on Twitter have made.

There can’t be any other explanation IMO.

Hahaha and I frankly love to see it 😂

I remember that. A lot of the people accusing her of allowing porn on a Twitter feed she set up for kids likely knew perfectly well what they were doing and that they were lying.

How stupid do you have to be to defame a billionaire and all to earn cheap Twitter points? Idiots.

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Not stupid, entitled and misogynistic. They would've never tried it to this extent with a man. I'm glad she's showing them that so far she was being nice, but now the gloves are off. She never had anything to fear from these clowns

Stupid enough to think it's safe to give puberty blockers to children for non medical reasons.

It's even more ludicrous - they sent the porn to begin with and then stomped their feet on the ground when she didn't react to that.

YES! JK has been blamed for the bad behaviour of so many awful men. Note that this guy never criticised people who were fucking posting porn somewhere they knew children would see it, he went right for a woman for (in his eyes) failing to do enough to cushion the blow of the men's actions.

Yeah you better fucking take your words back. I look forward to seeing them scuttle about, fuck them. They've been without consequences for a while now.

It actually makes me very, very happy to see this. They thought JKR was a soft target because she's a woman and now they're getting their wake-up call.

So they do understand good intentions and compassion when they want to try to take advantage of them.

Now they are all complaining about being silenced. Assholes.

Even though these ped0s still have their twitter accounts but women permanently lose theirs.

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