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As has been pointed out on FDS multiple times:

Women who hate men take every precaution to avoid them as completely as they can.

Men who hate women seek them out for assault, rape , murder, or at the very least, to publicly harass and insult.

[–] ItsCalculated 29 points (+29|-0) Edited

I LOVE to point this out. We hate by separating ourselves from those we hate. Men hate by oppressing and controlling what they hate.

Once you break it down to that, it is undeniable which party is evil.

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My favourites are those MGTOW morons: they want so much to stay away from women that they intentionally invade women' s spaces to tell them how much they want to be away from women.

MGTOW are like toddlers standing on the porch screaming “I’m running away from home, Mum!”

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The "sour grapes" thing seems pretty common in creeps. It's amazing how we can go from beautiful to hideous just by saying no.

[–] ItsCalculated 19 points (+19|-0) Edited

It's autonomy that they don't want. They don't want us to be autonomous. They want control. Even more sinister, rather than move on and leave us with our autonomy they would rather take that control. Essentially, ideologically, they are rapists.

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Ahahahaha yessss

"eww who would date an ugly terf"

5 minutes later


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They openly fantasize about raping us before they murder us, why is it hate speech to not want their dicks?

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"nobody wants to date a stinky gross terf anyway" vs. "if you don't date a transwoman you literally need to die": FIGHT