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Damn this lil girl is gonna grow up into one badass woman! ♀️🧙‍♀️

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Was anyone else obsessed with witches and the like as a kid? And especially those movies, Practical Magic was one of my absolute favourites. If anyone knows Twitches and Are you afraid of the Dark?, then you have my respect lol.

(Big time if you know Big Wolf on Campus)

I also loved practical magic! I’ve always wanted their hair 😂 the craft was a big thing in my friend group growing up, and now many of my female friends are witches. My maternal line is welsh gypsies and for every generation in memory we have all been card readers - my mom and grandma read playing cards, but I prefer tarot. So it’s always sort of been part of my life to be a “witch”, my mom started teaching me when I was very young, maybe 8 or 9.

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That's fantastic and wholesome. It's great how the tradition stayed alive and wasn't stamped out.

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Oh oh OH!! The Craft, The Witches (the original one with Angelica Huston), Practical Magic, The Addams Family, The Worst Witch, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Sleepy Hallow.

Are you Afraid of the Dark was my favorite show as a child. I'm so fricken happy that Paramount+ has it now!! I watch it whenever I have free time and it brings back such happy memories for me.

I was so obsessed with witches when I was a kid I felt as if it was a calling from a past life. There used to be this silver store in the local mall back when I was a kid. It had all sorts of pendants and jewelry, and one day I found a pentacle just sitting there as if it was waiting for me. I bought it and I loved it so much.

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Omg I know all of those! The Craft was fantastic, even if some messy parts due to the time period.

The new craft is so bad and just disrespectful.

I once had this skull thumb ring, got it for 99c but man did I love that thing. Once when we went in the ocean I lost it while swimming, my whole family tree to look for it. Sigh hopefully that little skull is terrorizing people and living it's best life lol.

From a design perspective, the amount of potential this concept has is making me giddy. Love it!!