Also very confusing to block someone, but then to keep responding to them?

Ms. Penny posts such utter garbage, and lately she's been trying to get out of discussions about her tweets by claiming the people replying are being abusive, or that "debate" isn't valuable anymore and something of the past. I guess she just wants her followers to swallow her nonsense whole and accept every single stupid word.

She ? Isn't that a dude ?

In any case, they answer and block because they want to have the last word, and possibly because they're dreading the answer. Arguing online is draining.

No, Laurie Penny is indeed a woman. She's just "non binary".

At this point I've trained myself to believe that everyone who wants to argue with me online is really just Colin Robinson.

This is the best thing i have read all week. It's only Monday morning here so I guess the week peaked early for me. I am, however, going to use this forever.