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Tagging as NFSW cause that face is creepy af lmao

But, but, isn’t that a Beyoootiful Laydee? 😱

Wait! I know this one.

You're supposed to say she looks "so-so", then get the fuck out of there while she's confused.

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I was just about to comment to remark on that alarming face. I let out a very loud and frightened "OH!" When it popped up on my screen.

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I'm always amazed the leeway given to presumed men on reddit to challenge trans dogma. As soon as the criticism is coming from a female perspective or subreddit, tim mods are there to nuke it and anyone involved off the site.

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Yep and they do so gleefully too, I've gotten some really rude messages from obviously male mods.

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Political compass is serving peak comedy when it comes to the trans debate :)

[–] Totoro 5 points (+5|-0) Edited

So glad to see r/politicalcompassmemes posters haven't been stopped from posting things like this since I left reddit, that subreddit (along with r/gendercritical and r/LGBdroptheT) honestly helped peak me and I hope it does the same for others. Or at the very least, causes TRAs to actually self-reflect and hear criticism from the other side for once.

One of my favorite posts I saw there was a two-panel comic between auth right and lib left, where blue says "tHe CiViL wAr WaS aBoUt StAtE's RiGhTs" and green responds "State's right to what?" and the next panel is green saying "tRaNs RiGhTs!!!" with blue responding "Trans' right to what?" and it honestly blew my trans-ideologue mind at the time haha still love that post and think about it sometimes