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Could the idea of trans even exist without sex stereotypes? Even non-binary people basically dress with items stereotypical of the opposite sex or a mix of them. Or maybe sex stereotypes are even the beating heart of being "trans".

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Could the idea of trans even exist without sex stereotypes?

No, it couldn't. Gender identities are collections of stereotypes. The concept of gender identity basically creates a new reality where "Woman" and "Man" are old words with new meanings. A gender identity is defined as a performance. This allows for an infinite amount of new identities to be created. I think none of them are catching on though. There is man, woman and non-binary. The 70 other genders seem to gain no traction. In fact, in the past few months, non-binary is trending like never before. It's like Trans, but without the claim to be literally the opposite sex. Basically Trans Light®.

Or maybe sex stereotypes are even the beating heart of being "trans".

Yes. While denying they exist of course.

"Clothes have no gender!" ...exclaims the suspiciously male looking woman in a dress.

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NB is popular because it’s a way for all the “woke allies” to shoehorn their way into a “protected class” with absolutely ZERO time, effort, or changes on their part.

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I think non binary people reinforce sex stereotypes even more then trans people to sometimes. Or maybe they are more obnoxious about it.

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More NB less "literal woman" is good. The tide may be shifting to something more realistic.

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I think so too. Things are evolving. Teenage girls and celebrity women tend to go non-binary lately, neo pronouns and all the other exotic gender stuff is rejected by the trans community. Still, non-binaries are not amenable to arguments and want hormones and surgery. -_-

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There are a few people that are pointed to to try to show that trans people absolutly do not reinforce stereotypes like TIFS that are nurses or TIMS that are engineers; but for the most part being trans is all about stereotypes. When was the last time you heard even though I played with dolls and had tea parties as a a kid; and was really into romantic comedies as a teenager I am still a trans guy.

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Every time a trans sob story opens up with a wibbling lower lip and "I was s-sniff never allowed to play with dolls / have long or short hair / wear dresses / play sports" I just sigh loudly for about eighty seconds

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My favorite TV shows growing up were old The Lone Ranger and 1960s Batman. I went as both for Halloween 🤣 I loved to play in the dirt and catch bugs. My parents didn't say, oh my God we have a son!! So regressive. Such garbage.

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It's nothing new, unfortunately. They live in some alternate reality, where the majority of people (aka "cis women" and "cis men") are walking stereotypes, and then there are some very special snowflakes with very special gender identities.

They are not capable of separating biological sex from a bunch of stereotypes, mostly invented by patriarchy.

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So “femailment” here is just saying that even with the total freedom of gender non-conformity we have today (sure, Jan) people still identify out of “woman” or “man” because it’s in their nature to be “nonbinary” or “transmasc”.

just like everyone is free to be gender non-conforming, there aren’t absolutely any “not like the other girls” women, white teens desperate to belong to a minority and win the Oppression Olympics, homosexuals of both sexes with self-hatred, misogynistic women, incels, autogynephilic men or narcissistic men out there. Not one. The gender spectrum is as natural as sunlight. Yup.