This is how I feel about women that identify as nonbinary. You hate women and have chosen to put as much distance between women and yourself as you can.

Yes! For some reason my nonbinary friends are only offended when they are misgendered as women, being called sir or they isn't offensive but woman is. So I guess they're trying to tell me my own identity is offensive? At least the feeling is mutual?

I know there’s a ton in here referring to the AGP crowd, but my mind goes to the libfems I know (and used to identify with). So many of them are women that truly hate themselves as women. I have a friend that’s an ardent TRA and libfem, doesn’t want kids and doesn’t like them (I totally get that and support being open about what you want) but loves to preach about how to raise non binary kids and teaching kids to be gender-less or whatever it’s called. She also criticizes relationships but doesn’t want to be in a long term one. I am supportive of women living the lives they choose: single, childless, and financially independent is a perfectly fine way to live but I struggle with the constant and vocal criticism of others with different lifestyles, and how vocally they are supportive of men LARPing as women. I really don’t get it. I suspect that something happened to my friend and others like her (like sexual assault or major trauma) that they associate with being female, and try to reject that association at all costs to attempt to protect themselves.

Same, especially the libfems who label themselves NB. I often wonder if there's any correlation between their misogyny and their ardent support of swiw/porn. They know that porn is violent and harmful to women, yet they give it their 110% admiration and support. Is it the violence and degradation against women that they are truely supporting?

I think they're ball handlers who are trying to be friendly with hostile men in the hopes they won't hurt them.

Ugh. I want to know if there’s some sport double entendre there, but I also don’t want to Google “ball handlers”.

They are terrified of us because there is so much shit that ONLY women can do.

This is why I side eye TiFs/nb who hate any mention of the word woman, and the few gay men who agree with them. They hate women so much that they want everyone else to hate and celebrate that hatred for women. They have some deep issues with women, and they were just sitting back all these years waiting for a movement that would allow them to freely and openly hate women to this severe extent.

Truth. I don't think men can get over the fact that if they all dropped dead suddenly in some science-fiction scenario, women would be able to carry on and continue to propagate the human race without their authority.

I completely agree. You can be self-hating all you want, but I don’t owe you that same energy.