Hmmm these TRAs are assuming that the deceased identified as human. That's very bigoted.

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I love how the actual forensics folks wear lab coats but the TRAs are just stick figures.

Little details like that really put the "b" in "subtlety".

TIMs would totally wear frilly dresses at the lab instead of proper protective wear.

TIMs would totally wear frilly dresses at the lab instead of proper protective wear.

And they wouldn't wear gloves because that would cover up their nail polish and jewelry

I'd like to solve the crime: the hand belongs to a woman, who was killed by a man.

(this is really good, sis)

I would guess a man she knows! Betting 1$ on the husband/boyfriend (for people angry lurking: this is how stats and likelihood worksk

Hm... could be. Or maybe it was her pimp, after a client paid him extra to do it. But since sex work is work, this is just a labour mishap.

This is so good, it could be the next XKCD!

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I sometime wish Randall would make a CG comic..can you imagine? He made that Hillary one, but super rarely does politics

Is his gf/wife a biologist?

Careful, you might trigger an existential crisis.

"Ok doctor, I know you've already given me the standard SRS, but I need female hands. Can you make me pass a DNA test? No? Well then at least make my fingers shorter and my wrists narrower!"

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To quote Francis Aaron: "To actually change sex you'd have to reprogram every cell in the body!"

This is parody, but ... someone on the Nanowrimo forums actually asked how to write their novel (in which a TIP's corpse is found by police) in such a way that no "misgendering" takes place.

If that wasn't one of you here doing a satire post, I am afraid, there are people who really dream of TRA forensics.