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This movement has brought about an intrinsic form of biphobia among it's supporters; none of them can comfortably call themselves bi because it recognises the existence of two sexes and is therefore trans exclusionary.
This is why they use the above phrases, or desperately claim to be lesbians.
Honestly we talk a lot about how lesbians are affected, but bi women get it just as bad in many ways. The number of discussions I've had with bi women who reject the label at any cost is so disheartening.

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The number of times I, as a bisexual woman, have been pressured to date transwomen because "they're the best of both worlds" is fucking depressing. It has the additional misogyny factor of implying that dicks are the ideal genitals. Thanks for telling me, a woman, to my face, that my genitals are an implicit second choice.

Between the TRAs, kink, mandatory polyamory, and abusive men with threesome fetishes, the bisexual dating scene is a fucking dumpster fire.

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I would honestly say most of the transwomen I've met have managed to perfectly encapsulate the worst of both worlds. All the entitlement, bad hygiene, and brute strength of men plus a fetishistic "woman" persona, based on porn and stereotypes.

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Yeah if I want to date someone with bad hygiene who will never make me orgasm, I'll just go with a normal man.

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Agreed. It's coming from every side. It's pretty much impossible to date as a GC woman-leaning bi women..I honestly expect to end up alone.

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i’m a lesbian but identified as bisexual for years and i noticed the kink thing too. i wonder why it is that men with super violent misogynistic fetishes and bi women seem to gravitate towards each other.

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If I had to guess, vanilla guys tend to be more homophobic, in that they're turned off by bisexual women.
"Kinky" guys are more likely to find bisexual women "hot."

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In some peoples’ minds the bisexual woman’s vagina is an asylum for the sexually insane.

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everytime i see your comments i think "holy fuck blackcirce is incredibly based"

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“And please refrain from saying “no one”.

I only ever heard the “no one is fully straight” schpiel:

1) from straight men trying to groom women into “lesbian shows” or threesomes

2) from gay men obsessed with imagining anyone, especially celebrities and tv personalities, as gay

3) From straight woo-girls who saw a Katy Perry music video and want to tease “the boys” with the idea that they could make out with another woman.

Real bisexual people never say “everyone is a bit bi”

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For my part I’ve heard people of both orientation groups express disbelief in the other: bisexuals who simply can’t believe that some people are straight/homosexual (aka monosexual) and straight/homosexual people who think bisexuals are deluded or faking attraction to both sexes. I see it as one of those failures of empathy we all have, we are biased to our own experiences.

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I am bi and monosexuality wigs me out. I have wigged out plenty of monosexuals by being bi as well. It’s just really hard to understand.

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It also drives me crazy when someone says “I’d go gay for this person” or I’d go straight for that person.” Or a straight person has some stupid “gay crush” that totally isn’t a fucking gay crush, it’s just them admiring a person of their own sex and believing them to be attractive, and vice.versa.

No, you’re not going to “go gay” or “go straight” for some fucking celebrity, because that is not how it works. It’s not like you’re straight in your real life and gay online when you’re talking about Katy Perry, because you would never actually have any kind of lesbian or gay relationship with anyone. Don’t trivialize sexual orientations as something you can be like, “Oh, I’m gay/straight except I would totally mKe an exception for this one person!” because that is making it out to not only be a choice, but a choice that is taken lightly, like some kind of fucking on-off switch.

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Noone is "fully straight". Not even Spaghetti. Spaghetti is "straight" until it's heated up.

Have I (a woman) ended up on Santa's naughty list yet?

Real bisexual people never say “everyone is a bit bi”

No true Scotsman fallacy detected 🧐

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Can't tell if you are joking. I can tell you that I am 100% straight. 100% straight and 100% homosexual people definitely exist.

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If you think like this, it is likely that YOU are bisexual. Not the whole world.

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A lot of bi women get the “But the female form is just beautiful, it’s natural to enjoy it!” line and the “Our culture hypersexualizes women so much that even straight women aren’t really straight” line. Being bi is confusing as hell.

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I called myself dumb shit like “heteroflexible” before I came to realize I was just trying to avoid calling myself bi. I just didn’t think I was “truly bi” because “those are just exceptions”

But the “exceptions” grew and grew and I couldn’t deny it anymore

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The worst variation I ever heard was ‘straight with a twist’

[–] KWNiteWyvern 2 points (+2|-0)

Anything to avoid calling themselves bi. I’ve seen bi women try to call themselves “lesbian with an exception” however their list of “exceptions” is long (Even if it wasn’t if you’re attracted to a man you aren’t lesbian) and are “rEclAImInG iT aS An UmBRElLa TErM”

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I used to follow the standup comedian Joe Lycett on social media who at the time called himself bisexual.

He has gone fully TRA by now, but I basically knew he had fallen when I saw a new routine where he went out of his way to mention that he calls himself “pansexual” now. 🙄

(When I watched his earlier routines, I would have thought him to be above that nonsense. But no such luck.)

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Had the same journey with Joe. Was so disappointed that he fell into calling himself Pan, and made sure to mention this at every opportunity like he was rebranding.. I mean honestly, he must know his sexuality hasn't actually changed. All calling himself "Pan" achieves is virtue signalling that he'd date a trans person, and surely by TRA logic that's transphobic?
Like if TWAW and TMAM then you surely don't need a special sexuality to be attracted to them? The word Bi should suffice.

[–] immersang 3 points (+3|-0)

I mean honestly, he must know his sexuality hasn't actually changed. All calling himself "Pan" achieves is virtue signalling that he'd date a trans person

Considering that he had always seemed like he doesn't suffer fools gladly, trying to date a trans person – with all the narcissistic behavior attached to them – might actually speed-peak him.

But yeah, it never ceases to surprise and disappoint me, how many people I considered "too smart for this"....actually aren't.

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There are a lot of these seemingly tuned-in, intelligent comics and public figures in the UK, who go out of their way to deride "TERFs". Always makes me wonder if they're really oblivious or they are just playing along trying to avoid suspicion.
Katherine Ryan is another - used to love her strong, feminist wit and he FDS-like stance on relationships and men in her life.
Then she started hosting a vile show where women's prettiness was compared to their boyfriends exes while their boyfriend rated and ranked them against eachother, and she began spouting pro-trans nonsense and I just.. like, I cannot believe for one second that she is unaware of gender critical views.. And if she's aware I'm sure she must understand at least the basic concerns.. so why does a woman whose entire persona screams feminist support such a regressive ideology?

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It took me so many years to realise that I was bisexual despite of the obvious signs because of stuff like "everyone is a little bit gay", "everyone is bi", and because of the amount of straight(?) girls I know who say "I might fall in love with a woman in a future, you never know", "of course I've felt attracted to other woman at some point, everyone has". I just kinda assumed that most people were like this, and that the people who were 100% gay or straight were a very small minority.

I remember now literally thinking as teen "I don't understand gay men, how come they find the idea of being with a woman repulsive?" 😶

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God I hate the label pansexual so much. The first time I heard it was in school like 15 years ago saying it was for a person who was attracted to men, women, and trans people and bi was just for men and women and even then I thought it was dumb, now I feel like no one can even explain what it means?