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Comedy is a bimodal distribution with funny and unfunny as the two peaks but some comedy falls in the middle

Also comedy is a social construct. I feel deep inside that Dave Chapelle is funny when he’s explaining transgenderist politics. It’s comedyphobic to tell me that I can’t find it funny.

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lmfao love it. cause truly, why are ALL women expected to simply look away from erect male genitalia in our changing rooms, but 1% of the population can't just look away from a comedy special?

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Really, why are you and your kids staring at his comedy in the first place? Perverts.

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This is the same Twitter user who took out pro-trans comments from JK's essay after she released it eg "trans people need and deserve protection", attributed them to "Robert Galbraithe", and went around Twitter asking TRAs to retweet "this important point from my favourite author Robert Galbraithe." Many fell for it.

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That's genius, I missed that. Ha, they fall for that sort of thing so easily.

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And stop saying the special wasn't funny, or that it was too serious.

That is literal violence and is comedyphobic.

Comedy IS drama.

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Off topic, but I keep getting google news alerts on my phone about Dave Chappelle betrayal. stfu🙄

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