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“It’s always better to be transsexual”

Okay so why do you fuckers always guilt people and proselytize children to accepting this fantasy? People who are truly happy would not guilt others nor force people to accept them.

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The original (it was a TIF's profile picture): https://imgur.com/7aZrWlK

It's always better to be transsexual

I changed that to:

It's always better to be a TERF: Tired of Explaining Reality to F*ckwits

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Lmao! How is it “always better” to be a delusional person who hacks off their body parts, demands homosexuals have sex with them or else they’re bigots, alienate their family and friends, be a lifelong medical patient, etc?

In reality it’s only better for AGPs & other males, because them being trans lets them into women’s spaces where they can abuse us further.