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Lmfao. "Women have it easier because everyone already assumes you're stupid, irrational, crazy, and weak." That's a big part of what gets us into the shrinks office to begin with! Very degrading, very dehumanizing, discouraging, enraging to go up against this every day!

"Women who are abused in their own homes have it easier than men do because everyone knows women don't have any inherent dignity or strength." If this isn't exactly how most men think!!!!! "You can't have any dignity when you're too weak to fight back. That's why we call 'em bitches. Cause they're cowards. And because they're cowards, we call them cunts, because that's all they're good for, since they'd be useless at war and in other escapades of dignity-fostering which most men don't actually participate in, but still consider themselves basically a part of by proxy due to their sex class."

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I’m glad someone put into words why I’m always so uncomfortable when people are like ‘but what about men with mental illness? what about men who have been raped? what about men who are abused?’

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And we're blamed for men not taking each other's issues seriously too.