A common argument by opponents of the Nordic Model is that its supporters conflate prostitution with trafficking. But as Catharine MacKinnon says, “sex trafficking is straight-up pimping.”

For a full explanation, see https://nordicmodelnow.org/facts-about-prostitution/fact-human-trafficking-means-trading-in-human-beings/

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Given that many pimps take most, if not all, of the woman's earnings, and then dole it out on request as needed for different things she needs - as another form of control; apply mind control/manipulation tactics; often groom unsuspecting girls and women in with false promises of love/coupledom which they never received in their childhoods (not just because of sexist society, although there is that) because most women sucked into this have histories of childhood sexual abuse, and pimps(/psychopaths) have an eye for those kinds of former victims; they rape to "break in" and then rape to reinforce submission across their "stable" (collection of prostitutes); pimps who suck women in with false claims of wanting to date them often have sex with their "hoes", I even read something about these brainwashed/groomed/trauma bonded women saving their kisses for the pimp only, sometimes, because they think that they're in love; beat the women; threaten to hurt/kill them/their family/loved ones if they try to leave - I would say yes, it is very comparable to just regular trafficking, in many, probably most cases. If they can't leave because they are under this level of mind control and coercion/threat.... if they can't leave because they are terrified of what their pimp will do... they are basically enslaved without chains...

Their trauma bond is methodical and terrorizing, from what I've experienced - I accidentally dated one of these "loverboy" pimps - totally unknowing, I thought he actually wanted to date. He traumatized me methodically after a brief love bombing, and quickly went to intermittent reinforcement - he had done this before. It was very methodical. During one of my traumatic dates with him, I literally felt like he was methodically compartmentalizing my mind while I dissociated. And he didn't even hit me, although he did threaten to (very close to when we "broke up"). And I was definitely selected because I was vulnerable. Also, I read the other day that when you are traumatized you have a traumatic amnesia surrounding the trauma to help protect you - naturally, because it's trauma! I can't find where I read this, though. :/ :/ I still have problems with my memory from the abuse I've been subjected to, and I can't recall it or find it in my history so far :/ But I thought that the theory totally made sense, and was certainly how I experienced things. So when you are not under similar duress from him, you do not remember the specifics of the horrible things he has done/the actuality of the traumas and I would say this is 1000% true! Due to protective traumatic amnesia, it gets compartmentalized. When he wasn't traumatizing/terrorizing me, I would basically forget what he had done before. I knew I needed to stay away and eventually I'd kick myself for staying, forgetting how awful he was until the next time he decided it was time for a rollercoaster/some trauma to keep "training" me. No wonder I couldn't remember it, and I bet this is part of what goes down with battered women who stay. It's crazy. I'll have to find the passage that said this somewhere later.