I really REALLY hope the Tweet OP had a talk with her son about how this "teacher" was actually BULLYING him and how he should stand up for bullying and protect himself and his personality.

So sad. It’s not enough for them to hate women, they think every generation after them should hate women too.

This breaks my heart. My son is 6, soon to be 7 and sometimes he still shouts "Mommy" when he sees my car in the carline. I hope he's willing to do that for a long time.

Waving is unmanly now? Or just waving to your mother? I see both men and women, boys and girls wave all day to all sorts of people.

I hope she reported that to the school. That jerk needs to be reprimanded.

oh yes it starts VERY young. i was getting sexually harassed by boys when we were all 5 - 6.

I once witnessed a coach using the term "ladies" at the teenage boys' team as a pejorative. It was so disturbing. I had a discussion with my child about it afterwards. I made a complaint to the administration but never received a reply.

That needs to be complained about. Disgusting to split parent/child relationships

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Wtaf. Who the hell mocks a child for caring about their parent.

Like oh no, this boy has someone to love ! Better mock him since I personally have... No one to love ?

Is that the reasoning

Edit to add some ranting

I think its some primal urge to not show you care about something to the other apes because thats the first thing rivals will violate and destroy....so maybe it served a prosocial purpose back when inter-group interactions between humans were a greater and more unpredictable risk. This is also a similar explanation for why racism likely developed.

Atavistic instincts originally meant to increase our odds of survival as animals that no longer serve any purpose in civilized society....but such civility requires at least rudimentary self-awareness, empathy and discipline....which sadly is not part of how males are typically socialized.

This is just my take anyways

Possibly he wants a boy to love and the first step is to separate that boy from his parents...

I think “groom” or “rape” are the words you want there, not “love”.

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Probably. I instantly picture some old guy who still talks about his mommy and daddy issues.

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