It would be nice if all trans people cancelled Netflix, perhaps they would stop with the wokeness in every show.

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That would be great it's honestly very bothersome.

That's what I thought. When I read that they plan to stage a walkout I thought, phew, must be a lot of those people working there, I'm surprised (and grateful) more content isn't trans-centric.

This actually made me laugh/smile thank you I've had a rough day lmao

So it's not deciding which dress to wear? He he.

Go on, cancel your Netflix subscription, I dare you. What do you mean you can't, because you're still piggybacking of your parents account?

That one works too, lol. The Netflix thing has been so hotly debated on trans subs this week, it only seemed fitting to mock them with the Jenner quote. Not as insensitive as the original though.

When I first read the headline, I was like Geez, have we been infiltrated lol and then the pics and the comments made me lolol =)

It'll be fun to see how their parents react to them trying to cancel the family Netflix plan from their basement hovel on their parent-paid family-plan phone.