Very true but lacking in nuance. The problem I see is that this is real and happens- yet it is used by feminists who are defeatists to claim they are the "real feminists" while advocating for things most women don't want such as separatism. At worst, it turns into a culty thing where everyone is out to get you- men just want to fuck you and women who are "feminist enough" are deluded tools of men. So you should only listen to a tiny minority of women who have some really good points, yet are also somewhat out of touch. (Yeah, that's my opinion of some- deal with it.) I'd say the bigger problem is that women are expected to be perfect to be heard. I don't agree with Andrea Dworkin on some things. I also love a lot of her work. Why are woman thinkers supposed to be taken word for word instead of being sources of thought to be examined critically? Not every black person had to love Malcolm X to participate in the civil rights movement, and every woman who isn't a radfems isn't pandering to men. We can actually have our own thought independent of men. Just as MLK wasn't actually secretly supporting white supremacy- he was more moderate and that appealed to some. So some feminists are more interested in working with men. If "working with" men means libfems supporting porn and prostitution, it's a problem. If it's women who like men and aren't inspired by dreams of separatism, that fine.