The TRAs are going to argue that the first 4-star admiral of the navy and the first 4-star admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps are not the same thing.

Earlier I was seeing articles that said he was the first female 4-star admiral, PERIOD. But the journalists must have caught on that was bullshit because I can’t find any now.

I hate that we have to constantly archive things the second they are printed because stealth-edits will delete anything incriminating.

Yes, I saw those too and was surprised that there really hadn't been a female four-star before (turns out to be false, good), and basically I thought "Well, I guess we wait until there really is a female four-star one day, and hopefully her thunder isn't pre-emptively stolen by this pervert". But yeah, they were clear erasing Ms. Howard here (likely they probably didn't even know she existed, and when they found out they did and "oopsie" back-pedal, but even if they didn't know it's still erasure through ignorance and lack of due-diligence).

This is like saying you’re the first person with an honorary masters from your alma mater, rather than someone with a masters who actually fucking earned it.

Michelle Howard commanded a fucking ship and served on incredible rescue and relief missions. She parachuted. She earned those fucking stars. She wasn’t handed them for a fucking token virtue signal.

Oh, I see what they've done here. "First female [sic, because he's MALE] four-star officer in the history of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps…" Basically they can only claim he's the first [NOT] female four-star specifically in that health service, but not the first four-star in general, because he isn't. Of course, he's male, so he's not the first anything because I'm sure like 99.99999999999% repeating of all four-star officers ever, in any service, have been male, just like him. At best he can claim to be the first four-star officer in any service publicly display his AGP fetish, since any other four-stars in the past would have had to do that shit in secret (and not violate everyone's consent by forcing them to participate in his fetish).

Anyway, thank you for posting this, I was actually a bit surprised that there had never been a female four-star before, but then I thought "well, that's sexism for ya", and that's really the impression that all those disingenuous, male fetish-worshipping headlines give. I'm very pleased to learn that that's all false, and that I was wrong and my first instincts were correct. I will remember her name and correct anyone if this ever comes up (though I'm not in the US so I doubt it will). Thanks again! :)

They changed it after getting called out. I don’t have screenshots but other outlets had him as the FIRST female 4 star. Period.

Yes, I saw that as well, yesterday, I even commented on a post that had that wording, I think.

The surgeon general's Twitter is where I saw the 'first female' part.

But she has short hair, so clearly a transman

If she was a woman she would have the long hair of the splendid creature to her left

When a dude who is part of a tiny, supposedly marginalized minority attains something not attained by a member of a group that is 51% of the population.....are they really marginalized?