I love this. It should be a sticker that we can slap in women's restrooms everywhere.

For the first couple points I thought this was serious

I did, too! I could see Tims being offended that people were trying to avoid looking at them, but also strange too much because soft how freakish they tend to look. Lol!

People looking at you

People not looking at you

And there you go, trans ideology in a nutshell.

Reading Harry Potter In A Threatening Way. 😂

I have to try this the next time it's safe to be out in public!

Lol. Those things really are what they considier "hate crimes".

Can someone explain the Primal Scream one? Wasn't that a British rock band long ago? I feel dumb :(

I guess because they defended Suzanne Moore even though they tried to appease the mob the next day.

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