People looking at you

People not looking at you

And there you go, trans ideology in a nutshell.

Reading Harry Potter In A Threatening Way. 😂

I have to try this the next time it's safe to be out in public!

I love this. It should be a sticker that we can slap in women's restrooms everywhere.

I was blind but now I see

You made a radfem out of me

I'm moving on up now, out of the QT

Women fight on, women fight on, women fight on

For the first couple points I thought this was serious

I did, too! I could see Tims being offended that people were trying to avoid looking at them, but also strange too much because soft how freakish they tend to look. Lol!

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Oh man, is this actually real? nevermind, read further down the list and realized it's satire.

The top 4 are pretty much what every narcissist views as a 'hate crime.'

Lol. Those things really are what they considier "hate crimes".

Can someone explain the Primal Scream one? Wasn't that a British rock band long ago? I feel dumb :(

I guess because they defended Suzanne Moore even though they tried to appease the mob the next day.

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