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holy fuck LOL

I was gonna say something along the lines of this was shit that was obvious ten years ago and just "aged badly", but nothing's changed except for TIMs' fragility getting thinner than spider silk

I googled a bit and this is a series of "Pukemon" from MAD magazine (of course!) published in 1999. The Mr. Ma'am and others can be seen here! https://archive.md/n6dR5

You can tell it’s old by the “interior decorating tips” joke at the bottom. Clearly this was made when people still thought most TIMs were gay men!

Now that we know they’re all straight pervs, it should read: “Mr. Ma’am is the one other Pukémon call for lesbian anime porn recommendations.”

Yet another instance of MAD predicting the sad future of genderwoo

[–] crodish fujoshit 6 points Edited

I really want to get off the "satire becomes reality" train. That's fucking depressing, how stupid humanity has become.

[–] ALesbian 6 points Edited

Its pre-evolution is Pornasik

[–] Boudicaea 3 points Edited

Pornasik's final form, more like. Lol.

Pornasiks are everywhere and very easy to catch!

Woah, this one's actually from the 90s? I thought it was a recent "fake" creation.

[–] yikesforever 2 points Edited

My brain doesn't want to believe this existed before the It's Ma'am dude in the game store, lol

[–] furyosa MERF 3 points

Someone tell the it's-maam people that satire is not something to aspire to.

Reminds me of the clown kachinas, masters of satire since ancient times:

The clown satirizes Hopi life by acting out and exaggerating improper behavior. Many times the actions of the clowns are meant to portray a lesson on behavior apparent in a tribal member. Their purpose is to show how overdoing anything is bad not only for the individual but for the people as a whole as well.


One to send to the PC and never, ever look at again

I don't know, if you're doing a nuzlocke run it might be useful to have a pokémon like that on your team so it can be switched in to take hits while the other team members are healed.