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Someone help me out here. Do people still wear foundation? Because even when I still wore makeup to work foundation wasn’t on the list. Most of the women I know either don’t wear makeup or only wear it for work or special occasions. I see heavy eye makeup on women in public all of the time, including those scary false eyelashes that look like they glued a caterpillar to their eyelid, but I really didn’t think that foundation was a thing anymore. Then again, I’m semi old and might be out of touch.

Random points, ironically, foundation is pretty bad for your skin and ages you faster or at least that’s my understanding. What is it with those false eyelashes? Is this really what turns men on? Because no kidding the more extreme ones really do look like a centipede. It’s not enhancing anything. It’s making the women wearing them look ridiculous.

I guess it illustrates just how oppressed, brainwashed and propagandized we can all get. This is after all a world where women are forced to degrade themselves in imitation of porn to find and keep the holy grail of a man. It makes me so sad for all of us. I read once that the cognitive dissonance that men hold between the hatred and contempt they feel for us and the compulsive desire for our bodies constitutes an actual mental illness.

Foundation is not nearly as noticeable as other makeup products. You may be seeing a lot more women wearing it than you realize. It was more noticeable back when a lot of brands had literally only 3 shades, but now that some have 50 or more, it matches better and looks more natural than it used to.

Maybe it's because I'm looking for it, but I always notice foundation because the texture on the skin never looks good no matter how smooth it is, and the too-even colouring of the face is distracting.

Ah, okay. Thank you. That makes sense. It’s just been over thirty-five years since I bought any. Back when there only were the three shades you mention. Lol. It always made me look orange so I stopped wearing it even when daily makeup was still a thing for me.